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The Boss Whispering Institute

Boss Whispering® is the art and practice of coaching abrasive bosses to rein in their agressive workplace behaviors. Much like horse whisperers who calm unmanageable horses, Boss Whisperers work to tame the fears that drive unmanageable managers to trample on coworkers' emotions. Based on extensive research, this informative and enjoyable approach to developing interpersonal insight and changing behavior has proven effective with leaders at all levels. The process involves an initial two-day onsite assesment followed by regular in-person or telephonic coaching sessions. Positive results are usually evident by the third coaching session. If you feel that you or someone in your organization could benefit from Boss Whispering, please contact us for more information.

The Executive Insight Development Group is also committed to sharing this method with other executive coaches, and began offering training seminars through our Boss Whispering Institute in 2009. For more information, go to The Boss Whispering Institute.

Interview with Dr. Crawshaw, The Boss Whisperer®

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